Monday, February 13, 2006

Earthride / Vampire Circus / Rating: 6.0

Neither aggressively slow nor aggressively fast, Earthride does a weedburning, mid-tempo cheesy riffs and lyrics thing; actually, what it really is, is rock and roll.

If I may direct your attention to the left for just a moment. This is Earthride singer Dave Sherman in Baltimore during a Sunno))) show in 2004.

PFM says: "Dave Sherman sounds (a lot) like Lemmy" and while I have never talked or been harassed by Lemmy for a night I can conquer that there is an uncanny vocal similarity, on stage and off. The night this photo was taken Dave was so unspeakably destroyed (a normal night for Dave) I opted to take his photo in hopes of a time out from his indecipherable banter which took the invasion of personal space to a whole new level. Mutual friends of Sunno))) I patiently tried the classic smile and nod at his marathon talking in tongues, swaying, and second base groping but Lemmy sound a like or not it was buzz kill on my whole night.

And no, I didn't ask Dave to sign this picture, this was his name tag for the night in case he got lost.

Earthride are no second coming of Motorhead (live or on record) and in the end a drunk is a drunk is a drunk. PFM writer Zach tells it like it is and I seriously can’t in good metal consciousness thumb a guy who actually attended the Grief reunion show.

A 6 is also how many fingers Dave sees when you are actually holding up three so yes, the 6.0 rating works for me too.

My only bone of contention, PFM says: “Vampire Circus never stops eying the prize, something you couldn't say about, say, the new Earth, so pick whichever one doesn't bore you.”

But you guys, guys meaning PFM, gave the Southern Lord Earth record a stellar 8.2 rating. I say F both of these SL records and in their place you should track down the Frost EP or the Craft full length- you know if you are in the market for something “Nigel hipster”.

Oh, and F Wrest of Leviathan who seems to have serious issues with his record buying audience. I’m not sure what a metal fan is suppose to look like or be to the very core but in print that kind or backwards stereotype doesn’t sell me on how metal he is, just how shamefully ignorant an artist can be.