Monday, February 27, 2006

Mylo / Destroy Rock and Roll / Rating: 8.4

I typically don’t recommend reading the cliff notes rather than the actual book but here are the cheat sheet facts from the Mylo PFM review. Mylo is the cotton candy of electronic music and while I did give the cd multiple spins, had I these crib notes I may have avoided the experience all together. I wasn't sure this kind of record would fit into the spectrum of my personal taste and sure enough...

it doesn't. (Not 100% true, I will save this cd for a long road trip)

But for those who don’t make the who farted face when you keep on reading, you may have just found a favorite record of 2006 (even if the tracks themselves are more like 2003) and the 8.4 rating may not be high enough. I don’t have to like this cd to understand that a million others will LOVE these 17 tracks.

Not just PFM but looking over several reviews they site Daft Punk (PFM mentions them 4 friggin times in their review), Basement Jaxx, Scissor Sisters, Röyksopp, and Junior Boys as an RIYL.

“What he does isn't very complicated. Technically, he's not even very good at it. But that's all just part of the treat.” Word on the street is most of the record was created on a G4.

“If anything, this is house music as Saturday-morning cartoon-- all bold lines inked in bright, primary colors. That simplicity-- Dance Music for Dummies-- is a big part of what lets this collection feel so solid. “ This PFM quote is so precise it’s scary.

If you like songs that recite lists of things like cars or famous people then you have two new jams to call your own. My only real complaint is Cyndi Lauper’s name is pronounced Looper twice. Is that a Scottish accent at work?

Does an ode to Kim Carnes and a repeat remix of said ode seem like a good idea? Then Mylo is your man.

“There isn't much in here that could be considered hip, or that shows technical skill. But there's a total gut-level joy, as if these were tracks made by an ecstatic, well-meaning kid who hadn't yet encountered the complicated concerns of the places people might actually dance to them.” Indeed.

If doing more with less and doing it well is a creed you can happily subscribe to, Destroy Rock and Roll will marco your polo and pop your tart. (Warning: this does not mean you should introduce pop tarts to your swimming pool activities. That just spells trouble.)