Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Battles / EP C / B EP / Rating 8.0

"So why do they have my confidence? Because Battles are tough without being confrontational, innovative without recourse to bells and whistles, and completely transparent in process. When they're good, they're great; when they're anything less than good, they're so thrillingly alien it doesn't matter."

I have to confess that I can’t give the Battles cd a proper review as I have only heard one of their three ep/singles but if anything this UK import is kinda nice just because Warp has collected all three of their American releases and compiled them on two discs, one stop shopping so to speak.

Three you say? But Pitchfork only listed two. I can’t really blame PFM’s assumption because the title of this collection leads one to believe otherwise. EP C / B EP. Maybe adding the word Tras just make the title too long?

These cds are actually a collection of 5 tracks from C, 5 tracks from B and 2 tracks from the Tras single. All of these records are still in print in the US so this is why Warp is not releasing it for the states.

For a Sam Ubl review (sorry to keep picking on this one writer but what can I say, we all have our least favorites) this is actually VERY coherent but in this modern age you don’t have to trust a music journalist’s rating or review. If there is any doubt in your mind you can always go to the label website. I mean if you are going to spring for a more expensive import you should take the extra steps to make sure you are going to get your money’s worth.

I have loved the little bit of Battles that I have heard (I am a sucker for self indulgent riff-a-licious math rock) thus far so I can’t wait to pick cd up.