Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Ariel Pink / "Worn Copy" / 5.9


1) Worn Copy was written in 2002 and 2003
2) It originally came out in 2003 on the Rhystop label.
3) This version is different because it has a bonus video
4) There is over an hours worth of music that to my ears sounds like Gary Wilson singing along to a car radio stuck on scan, static…commercials and all. I thought this would equal my worst audio nightmare but there is something strangely endearing about this damn thing. Those who came in weird before him have just that in common and I don’t think comparing him (Pink) to Ween, Redd Kross, Zappa, or Gary Wilson gives this artist enough room to stand on his own.
5) The guilty pleasure I once felt when having a Wesley Willis song stuck in my head can now be replaced with any track from this very “special” collection of music.
6) If WFMU could be a musician I am certain it would Ariel Pink.
7) I don’t want to see this man tour with Animal Collective I want to see him play with Harvey Sid Fisher and or Neil Hamburger.
8) Ideal listening for hotel lounges and the bedroom.
9) 8 track recording has never sounded so 4track.
10) The voices in your head will finally have a friend to call its own.

I would have guessed this kind of outsider art mastery would have been on par with all that Pitchfork applauds so the 5.9 rating comes as a bit of a shock to me. The Ponys relatively dull approach to rock gets 7.8 and a Guided By Voices offshoot all covers cd gets a 7.1 all in the same day. In the greater scheme of what I will listen to again and share with friends tomorrow (or in 5 years from now) Ariel Pink is the clear winner.

I give “Worn Copy” 8 out of 10 possible autistic rocks back and forth.