Monday, May 23, 2005

re: What's with all the Pitchfork metal reviews ?

Yes i have noticed many metal/doom reviews. So let me take stock of who i am:
1. I live in the suburbs of a major metropolis.
2. my parents listened to John Denver and Peter, Paul and Mary.
3. I enjoy white bread, corned beef hash and Orange Julius.
4. I wear glasses not out of a need to be hip, but out of a need to see objects.
5. I am afraid of razor blades and Spider.

now any of these factors taken independent of one another dont matter. But combine them and it makes me fear Doom. What will it do to me? how will i feel? Will i be the same person? If anyone can tell me in 20 words or less why i should listen to Doom, i will pull Sunn out of my promo pile and see where the sludge takes me.