Monday, May 23, 2005

What's with all the Pitchfork metal reviews ?

Hmmm. Earth, Sunno))), and Dungen all in a weeks time. Maybe this is considered hipster crossover metal like the Locust and Converge so therefore they are deemed worthy of a review.

I can't wait to see how they like all the silver edition Manowar reissues !

My new metal favorite is the new Belef CD, a black metal band from France with a cover art drawing of a woman being branded on the ass by a pentagram held by a zombie. Sweet. Its hard to decide what would be more icky, staring at that or one of those suicide girls porn site ads. If we are lucky maybe we will get a gander of both at the same time.

I like the metal but not the banner ads.

I'm into having heavier stuff on Pitchfork but I suspect they will mostly stick to bands like Mastodon who appeal to those who don't still wear denim vests.(unless its a cool kid trying to be fashion ironic)

Sorry this is a non real topic ramble. Carry on.