Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Generally how i feel

Ok. Since this about Pitchfork i will start there. They are becoming ridiculously harsh. Albums they dont like are no longer brushed aside with a bit of distain, but instead pummeled in a clustefuck of idiotic proportions. Do we really have to refer to the dudley perkins album as an "abortion"? How about next time an album doesnt float their boat they threaten to slit the throat of the artists mother for forcing upon us a child that dared to make music they did not approve of. That would seem to fit right in with their current reviews.

And as Pitchperfect has pointed out, they need a fact checker over there. Not to be a stickler, but if you are gonna slam Styrofoam, unnecessarily i might ad, you should know its 1 guy and not group. as a wise soul once said, " get your head out of your ass, dad!"

Also, unlrelated, i kind of wish i was a wookie. They are so big and strong. and that fur is awesome. anyone else wanna be a wookie?