Monday, April 11, 2005

Edie Sedgwick / Her love is real ( BAD) / Rating 7.6

Oh my God oh my God oh my God I hated every second of this record. Its not ironic and weird in all the ways somebody like Gary Wilson or Harvey Sid Fisher is. Somebody with a better sense of humor than me might find this funny for a minute but a whole record ? A 7.6 David Raposa, are you sure ?

Perhaps Edie Sedgwick will appeal to all the men who were afraid they might look bad in drag but then saw this record cover and thought dang I can’t look worse than this guy. The cross dressing thing must work live because it distracts the listener from noticing how pointless his lame dance tributes to famous people really are but on disc there is nothing to distract me from the suck factor.

This seals the deal, I will officially never take anything David says seriously ever again.
P.U. has two letters so I am giving this review a 2 out of ten possible scrunched up noses.

As far as Desoto Records in concerned our relationship is now seriously in jeopardy.