Sunday, April 10, 2005

Dinosaur Jr./ Dinosaur / You're Living All Over Me / Bug / Rating: 6.2 / 9.1 / 7.3

When the press review a re-release and ponder the lack of appreciation and hype surrounding it… isn’t that a double standard? Aren’t they part of the snowball that makes or breaks a release? Reviewer Jess Harvell states his shock at the lack of attention the Dinosaur Jr. reissues are getting in the first sentence of his mega 12 paragraph review.

Irony number 2 : I would call twelve paragraphs dedicated to the band pretty damn decent coverage. Who needs more press attention when Pitchfork practically offers an essay on the band and their history? Seriously, this review makes up for all those other delinquent music journalists who are busy telling us about Bloc Party’s hairstyles and which member of Interpol is the shyest. Dinosaur Jr. should rightfully be placed along side all those other bands surrounding "The Year That Punk Broke"( sonic youth, nirvana, pavement) but for some reason it never happened. Not just now in 2005 but ever. Jess doesn’t reverse this trend but at the very least offers the band some well deserved accolades.

To celebrate one of the strangest, craziest, longest reviews ever to grace their website I offer a word search of sorts. These can all be found at

carpetbagging grunge chancerbad
loud-quiet-loud by guys in gas station jackets
puffy paint Black Flag t-shirt
unreconstructed doofuses like Collective Soul
Nice pendant, dungeon master
Matrix-rocking girl-pop

If I wasn’t such a slacker I would give this review an 8 out of a possible 10 “tank treads flipped in the mud”