Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mommy, Is There a Heaven for Blogs?

Why Pitchperfect, why? I am so distraught.

Ok so not really. I work with Pitchperfect so our communication will not really be effected by the untimely demise of this site. But I will miss getting to read what she thought day to day. Damn could the lady write. I am constantly astounded by how much she put into this site, and while I will miss it I think it is best for her to slow down. I guess i could just call her and ask for an audio version of the site.

I think I got involved in the site when I got an e-mail from PP saying "hey, look what I did. Wanna write something?".

Of course I did.

No one had any idea what it would become. I think we are all very proud of what we contributed. Sometimes we acted as Pitchfork Errors and Omissions, sometimes we had to pointed out lazy or inept writing and sometimes we had to praise them for recognizing great music and sharing their passion in words.

I have never been the strongest reviewer on the site, because I find it very hard to put my feelings about music into words. Hopefully I haven't messed up too much. I always enjoyed doing the concert reviews and fiction stories more than anything. But trying to do reviews gives me a respect for my fellow writers and the good ones on Pitchfork who spend a lot of time thinking about these things and expressing their thoughts in such an organized manor.

So a couple things before I go: If you have not liked my writing, then congrats! You no longer have to deal with me. If you have enjoyed it please check out Viewingfork or Crapiown for plenty more of my thoughts on film and life in general.

If you have liked the indie rock adventure tales then I have good news for you. They are being collected in zine form (with illustrations by my lovely wife) and will be ready shortly. If you would like one free of charge please e-mail me at tuningdave@hotmail.com

Thanks to all the people who commented on what we wrote. Positive or negative it was all appreciated. Except that guy Anonymous. That guy was a dick.