Friday, August 11, 2006

Junior Boys / So This Is Goodbye / Rating: 9.0

“Just their second full-length overall, So This Is Goodbye isn't just an improbable notch above 2004's Last Exit-- it's also among the best records you'll hear all year.”

Sorry but unless you get your hands on a promo or do that naughty file sharing thing, you will have to wait until September 12, 2006 (US and UK 9/11) to decide if this is one of the best records you heard all year.

You can wait a month, can’t you?

While a 9.0 Pitchfork rating for any band or record label is the stuff indie dreams are made of, I can tell you it is considered a bum deal in the music industry to have such a rave review happen so far away for the album’s street date... no less a nearly perfect score from the world’s most popular and powerful music publication.

Positive press is great and all but it sucks (from an industry point of view) when people can’t buy the record anytime soon.

This PFM review (as far as I can tell) isn’t matching any import cd street date which has been Pitchfork’s reasoning and excuse in the past for running a review of a cd that isn’t out in the States. They have the right to jump the gun and hype a record before the rest of my music publication / blog world does but it will most certainly raise frustration levels when readers discover they have to wait a month to check it out.

Sure 4 weeks isn’t that long but think of what can happen in a month? Considering the political climate of the world right now; anything goes.

In the meantime:

DOWNLOAD: In The Morning MP3