Thursday, August 10, 2006

Matthew Friedberger / Winter Women/Holy Ghost Language School / Rating: 5.0

“Winter Women and Holy Ghost Language, with their more narrow aims, each represent only a fraction of that whole, and as such may provide Furnaces haters with more ammunition than their defenders.”

Dear Mr. Friedberger,

I am begging you to take your one dimensional diarrhea of the mouth and creative Tourette Syndrome and defile some other industry for a year or two. Theater? Publishing? Television? Film? Talk radio? Spammer? Anything but music please. In fact until you get over your experimental ramble rock opera phase, the kind of spewed nonsense that never reaches a climax or goes anywhere, please spare us another record period.

If your music was a phone conversation I would hang up. If your music was sitting next to me on a bus I would move my seat. If your music was a car I would crash it so it could never be driven again.

We didn’t need one new record from you no less a double disc and since there are two discs I give them a total of a 2.0 rating.

Please God please make it stop.

Your friend,
Pitch Perfect