Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Muse / Black Holes and Revelations / Rating: 4.2

"This is the bands most autopiloted effort yet, a hacked-up last-gen rehash of said space jams, only now with greater emphasis on glitz and glam. Somehow Muse, always loveably lame, have managed to take a turn for the lamer."

Call me crazy, I know I am the last to comment on spelling and the likes but shouldn't it read "band's most ..."? You know with the 's?


I have never done this before but the emails / comments keep coming in. To be honest I am in no position to write something about Muse because I don't know the band's history very well nor do I have this record to give it a listen. I am too broke to pick it up so if somebody who does know the band wants to take a stab at a guest post, please do. Just email us at tuningforkmedia@hotmail .com.

I am looking for an intelligent and thoughtful criticism of the Pitchfork review. I don't want to hear PFM's Muse review sucks and then have nothing to actually back up why.

Pitch Perfect