Monday, July 17, 2006

Greetings from the first Tuning Fork Powwow

Greetings readers,

A few exciting things: Tuning Fork writers are spread out all over this country / Canada so this weekend was a treat because four of us were all in the same place not just once but twice! This is probably not too exciting to read about but it was a treat for me damn it.

Anyhow I wanted to let you all know we are going to try to make a bigger effort to show a little love to the bands Pitchfork has yet to review / rave about / introduce to the world. To further enhance this concept we have created a partnership with record stores from all over who will post via us about records PFM has ignored thus far but believe their readers AKA you will be into.

To kick this idea off I recently posted about The White Birch but here is another band you should check out: Annuals. I can promise that you will be hearing more about this band in a big way soon. Like really really soon. This band proves that Canada doesn’t own the exclusive rights to having 6 members or more or ambitious grandiose pop.

For fun I am going to tag team post with TQT since the fine gentleman is sitting right beside me. Without further ado ….


Hello. First off what a lovely room Pitch Perfect has. The 7 room suite is impressive. If you didn’t know Pitch Perfect makes a lot of money running the popular online clown supply discount store,

I have had a swell time seeing the other writers in person, letting them feed me, liquor me up and taking advantage of me.

On with the important business at hand. I too wholeheartedly endorse the Annuals. Young kids making epic sprawls? I’m sold. But the first person who says the words Arcade and Fire will get a punch in the nose.

Let me make my own recommendation to you fine readers. This one comes from the depths of Myspace as well, but this fellow has an album deal so I am sure you will be seeing the name soon. The name in question? Pop Levi.

His modus operandi: Freaked out glam-esque rock from LA via Liverpool. Check out the song ‘Blue Honey’, a herky jerky track that sounds like Marc Bolon on a lot of hallucinogenics. Do you feel that the whole ‘freak folk’ movement is played out? Then welcome to the next step.