Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Get Your Download on America (and Canadians, etc)

Scuttling about the Interweb this afternoon, I discovered that long favorite MP3 site Epitonic is back. I started grabbing legit MP3s from Epitonic back in the late 20th Century; Epitonic provided the content for many a CD-R that has since succumbed to "the rot". About two years ago, Epitonic stopped updating their site and appeared to be dead - the site still accepted traffic but nothing had been updated.

The new look to Epitonic is bold and high tech with a new design by E.A.D. (who apparently really dig blocks). Also, according to their message boards, the site is still in a sort of "live Beta". However, I'm glad to see one of the first MP3 sites that turned me on to some great music back in the mix.

My only advice to them would be to make the site bookmarkable and linkable. (Warning: Techy Bits) The current design uses a very sophisticated system of frame and iframes. While visually appealing, it makes it nigh impossible for folks (ie, bloggers like us) to link directly to artist and album pages.