Monday, July 31, 2006

Know Thy Enemy

Hello there,

This is Pitch Perfect checking in and letting you know I am still in computers are not my friend mode and still without my usual computer. Seriously people what is the point of downloading music when A) it often sounds like crap and B) your entire collection can be wiped out in a flash by a system crash? I was just telling Ghostbeard earlier today that the music industry should be running scare tactic TV and radio campaigns reminding people that CDs and LPs are forever while mp3s are more like a hit and run. Maybe external hardrive companies could cash in on this too?

I know this isn’t a review of a PFM review but the below list is chock-full of items I think are worth checking out or waiting for. Consider this my official what’s hot list for the summer of 2006.

later skaters,
pitchy p

* If Colbert’s speech at the White House press dinner was available as a record it would be my number one hit of the year. I am building a shrine to the man in my home as we speak.

* Chantal Goya – an ep of material from Jean-Luc Godard’s Masculin Feminin. I am a French pop junkie and these tracks are top notch!

* New project for Erlend Oye - The Whitest Boy Alive

* Looking Forward to new music by Joanna Newsom in November and Yo La Tengo in September. What started as a weak year for new music took a serious turn for the better at the mid-year point.

* Final Fantasy - R-rated Charlie Brown meets Hitchcock score

* The White Birch – Come Up for Air – Glitterhouse. One of my top 5 favorite records of the year!!!!!!

* Chris Herbert – Mezzotint – Kranky. I have no idea why I like this actually. Soundscape journies usually bore me to tears but this study of white noise and static keeps me on the edge of my seat. Think jet planes humming a melody you can't quite make out over a bad phone connection to a lawn mower.

* Eye Hate God reissues - I have loved this part Melvins part Born Against band since I was in high school!

* Helen Love - Found an LP used in Chapel Hill

* Chapterhouse – Whirlpool - Classic.

* Hell Preachers Inc. – Supreme Psychedelic Underground - LP – wah wah records – I limit myself to once a month searches on Forced Exposure because I could easily spend a whole paycheck in just 10 minutes browsing time.

* Lucio Battisti – Amore E Non Amore – Water - The Caetano Veloso of Italy.

* Plocky’s Louisiana Peppa Red Beans ‘N Rice Tortilla Chips - Hot sauce + just like the name implies: Rice and Red Beans tortilla chips. Gods gift to snacks.

* The Science Of Sleep : A brand new Michel Gondry film.

* Au Revoir Simone – Versus of Comfort, Assurance, and Salvation hand screened and self released(?) cd. A darling all girl (3 to be exact) Fisher-Price version of Stereolab and I mean that as a genuine compliment. Thank you Other Music for picking this out for me!

* Darker My Love – S/T – Dangerbird records - Former Distillers and Nerve Agents members create something for Telescopes/Psychic Ills/Dedicated Records fans

* Chad VanGaalen - Skelliconnection - Sub Pop - And I thought I loved his last record. A modern day Roy Orbison with hints of Lou Barlow, this hasn't left my car stereo in a week straight. (and still counting)

* I think I might be the only person not excited about Grizzly Bear’s new record Yellow House on Warp. It sounds like a more orchestrated Animal Collective 45 played at 33 but with better harmonies. I’m not a fan but I am certain most of the indie community will name this a best of 2006 contender.