Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Shoplifting Gear Stolen : Please Help


Friends, I'm sorry to say that once again we have been the victim of theft. This time a window on our van was smashed while it was parked on 17th and Gurerro in San Francisco and the following items were stolen:

*Acoustic Control Corporation Model 150 Amp Head
*Acoustic Control Corporation Model 104 6X10" speaker cabinet
*Fender 75 Combo Amp with Celestion Vintage 30 1X12" speaker, green silkcreened grillcloth, fender logo covered with tape.
*Case with pedals: Electro Harmonix Micro Synthesizer in battered condition, Moogerfooger Ring Modulator, RAT distortion, Boss Stage Tuner, Danelectro Delay.
*Yamaha Portasound Keyboard with velcro on speakers.
*Bag with hi hat stand, cymbal stand, 2 snare stands, legs for floortom.
*Green, Brown and Silver ReLoad messenger bag with books, minidisc, cheap mics, personal efx.
*Tuperware bin with merch, est 100cd's including ep's, albums and a large quantity of the Zum Audio Volume 3 cd, 50 12"ep and lp, a few 7"s.
*personal Cd's in a large black CD book and a brown-grey cloth CD book
*A faux tweed suitcase with books.

Please repost this widely and wildly.
Thanks for all your support. love, Devin and Shoplifting