Wednesday, May 03, 2006

An email to Tuning Fork posted with permission

Hey there gang,

Another Tuning Fork first! I am passing along an email we were sent today by a Tuning Fork reader we shall call Gripps. The issue at hand is not just Pitchfork specific but rather a music journalism dirty habit that isn't a new one but is an ongoing one. Lazy writers lift phrases or word jumble whole lines from artist press kits and new release one sheets all the time.

Like every day all the time.

The depressing part is that these uncreative / non-free thinking individuals (who should be be called puppet masters rather than writers) are the folks helping to make or break bands on sites like Pitchfork who claim to have nearly 150,000 plus readers a day. Depressing indeed.

Now onto our letter to the editor....


In the review of Matthew Dear's Fabric Mix today, paragraph 1:

"Audion tracks lack the micro-edit punchiness of his work as Jabberjaw, are beefier than his barely inflected percussion clinics under the False moniker, and are missing the glitch-pop hooks of the stuff he releases under the name his parents gave him."

From all music guide's review of Audion's Suckfish, also on emusic:

"With Suckfish, Dear abandons the glitch happiness found in his Jabberjaw alter ego, the percussion workouts of False, and the pop hooks of his eponymous works to deliver a whole new monster"

Not exactly that incriminating I guess, but when a site is making and breaking many bands a week, they should have someone write the review who is familiar with the most innovative guy in minimal techno and doesn't have to do lazy internet paraphrasing.

PS- A friend pointed out the possibility of these 2 quotes having a common source - a press release perhaps? A good theory, but I believe this is the press release and it doesn't appear similar.

Kudos to anyone who can find the common source.


Thank you Gripps for taking the time to drop us a line.