Monday, May 01, 2006

Guest post : Dalek

Terrestrial Tones / Dead Drunk / Rating: 6.7

A conversation (sort of) among friends: Me (pitch perfect) Dalek (Will and Alap) and Mike (best roadie/merch/tour manager around/ therapist ever)

"they add layes of indecipherable, barbed lyrics that sound as though they're sung from an underground lair soaked in blood and brambles. "

Pssst, hey Pitchfork....typo alert. It is suppose to read layers, not "layes".

Pitch Perfect : So Dalek, let's talk about this Terrestrial Tones cd we have playing in my living room right now.

When my car starts to make sounds like the noises found on this record, I rush to my local mechanic to have my engine and brakes looked at. Instincts also tell me that if it weren't members of Black Dice and Animal Collective making this "prickly experimental soundscapes" as Pitchfork calls it, not only would nobody put out this record out but publications like Pitchfork wouldn't bother to review it. Considering Dead Drunk is on Animal Collective's own record label (Paw Tracks) maybe no other label would spend the $$$ to release it but then again Black Dice and Animal Collective have enough of a cult following that I am sure somebody would do it just to connect themselves to their favorite bands.

Alap: This is kind of like a not good version of Destructo Swarmbots. Go to and pick up anything you can find from this guy.

Will: I wasn't really listening, I was looking for that new Fat Joe single where he starts his verse with Special Ed's lyrics from "I got it made". If anyone knows the song I'm talking about drop us a line at

Me: Seriously after about three minutes...all of us.... ( Dalek + 2) stopped listening and 15 minutes later I was asked by the group to take the cd off. Note to all potential buyers of this cd, do not play it while trying to give a band directions to the venue of the day. The sound of a person shitting helium balloons can be distracting and difficult to talk over.

Dead Drunk was reportedly recorded in Paris so trust as, as a room full of kids from Jersey, the only place on this planet that gets even less respect than the Garden State is France so FYI to the band- you may want to lay off that press angle.

None of us could muster anything quite as scholarly as PFM had to say about TT so lines like " interesting compositional entity" or malleable rhythms budge, contract, and twist" make us giggle like 5th graders hearing a loud wet fart. That kind of meandering bong hit of an effects pedal orgy might be worthy of a 6.7 but not for it's "effervescent thicket of electronic bleating" Pitchfork gives it. Anything that fuels the kind of laughter and comedy this cd gave us is worthy a high rating. The downtime between waking up, coffee kicking in, the checking of emails, and sound check is rarely this amusing so I thank Terrestrial Tones for that, even if we didn't make it through their whole cd.