Sunday, January 08, 2006

Uk Riot Grrrl and their Friends : Pussycat Trash

Band: Pussycat Trash
From: UK
When: early to mid 90's
Peter Dale (Avocado Baby, Matter of Exact, Red Monkey)
Rosamund M. Lewis / Rosie
Rachel (red monkey) (Avocado Baby, Matter of Exact, Red Monkey)
Simon J. Coxall

Why did I pick this band for my list: See next section.

Backstory: From the TMU website:
"PUSSYCAT TRASH "The Brat Years: 1992-1995" CD PUSSYCAT TRASH were around back in the heyday of the UK riot-grrrl scene of the early 1990s. Along with the likes of HUGGY BEAR and SKINNED TEEN, they forged the backbone of a vital and vibrant UK underground scene. PUSSYCAT TRASH also contained a young Pete and Rachel, who later went on to form the amazing RED MONKEY. They also ran the inspiring Slampt records, which is unfortunately no more. We here at Troubleman are slowly reissuing the vital Slampt releases. This CD is part one of the "Troubleman Records Slampt re-issue series". This CD discography contains everything PUSSYCAT TRASH has ever recorded. All of these records are long out of print, and many of them never had proper distribution in the USA, making them a hot item with the collectors. "

Discography: KRS = Kill Rock Stars / TMU = Troubleman Unlimited / WIJ = Wiiiji

KRS/5RC ReleasesKRS249 Amore 7"
KRS/5RC CompilationsKRS100 A Slice of Lemon 2CD/2LP
TMU 048 1992-1995: The Brat Years CD
Slampt 16 La La Ovular 7"
Slampt 25 Non-Stop Hip Action LP/CD
Slampt 28 Elastic Jet Mission Compilation LP
WIJ 25 Some Hearts Are Paid To Lie (featuring Linus/Pussycat Trash/Comet Gain/Skinned Teen) 2x7"
split 7" w/ Jarvis
split 7" w/ Razorblade (Scooter Swing)
Seven Unlucky Sevens compilation (Slampt)

My two cents: PT sounded like anything from minimal twee, primal with touches of (off key) melody rising to the occasional scream ala Beat Happening to slow sludgy yet still primal unbridled male/ female rage with less melody (Bikini Kill, Huggy Bear) PT is more guitar heavy and repetitive then Red Monkey but often just as noisy. Personally I liked PT the best out of all the various off shoot bands and projects.

Pitchfork gave the TMU cd collection a 6.1 rating.

Not to preach the grrrl gospel but this PFM review is written from a very male perspective (John Dark) and is a perfect example of the kind of backlash Riot Grrrl bands faced post its prime. Had this cd come out this year I believe this review would read very differently. I can almost promise you this Pussycat Trash collection would be given a higher rating as well as a much improved actual review.

PFM said “Has the VH1 riot grrl special made it onto the air yet? I didn't forget to set the VCR, did I? Now that the statute of limitations has passed, and we're nearly 10 years removed with hardly a thought backwards or a mention outside of a Sleater-Kinney press release, it's pretty safe to say that the movement has entered the dusted, hallowed archives of rock, alongside Jimi Hendrix's headband (which still, incidentally, tests positive for traces of LSD) and Grace Slick's diaphragm (which still, incidentally, tests positive for traces for... well, never you mind). Hard to believe that the prime participants of the riot grrl scene are now all in their 30s, possibly raising families, with nothing more than a little pilot light of irk where once burned a bonfire of gender rage. Makes for cold winter nights, I imagine. “

PFM says in late 2005 about grrrly All is Love: "Like the other recordings on the New York-based What's Your Rupture? label, the playing happens beneath a prophylactic lo-fi glaze. All sounds seem to hit the mic at once, and our ears forgive the occasional imprecisions for the overall fit. So that's the musical counterpart to the lyrical problem-- turning lo-fi from a ho-hum excuse to a gritty asset. But we respond to passion, not perfection, and like your ESGs and Delta 5s, this band makes do like a motherfucker."

As a woman in my 30's who isn't raising a family all these years later and is still making music... I am proud to let PFM writer John Dark know there are still a few us whose bonfire not only still rages but that blaze helps to illuminate the sexist twits who probably never did anything for the indie music community other than pass judgement on it.