Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Remember the first time you saw Backstreet Boys on the cover of Rolling Stone and thought "they were irrelevent anyway, but this is ridicuous".

Remember when Spin started putting fakey emo-punk bands on every cover and you were left with 7 months on subsciption you should have canceled long before?

Well Pitchfork gave the new Justin Timberlake an 8.1. Why it didn't get 'Best New Music' is a question i cannot answer. The review reads even higher than an 8.1. I am gonna get slammed for being too narrow minded, but fuck it. I hate Timberlake. He is as manufactured a pop star as you can get. He was a mousekateer. He dates the vapid Cameron Diaz. His music sounds like it is made by the MJ 2000 MUSIC REPLICATOR. Why embrace this?

I am going to go listen to the new BPB to wash this taste from my mouth.