Sunday, November 06, 2005

A less productive me

I had every intention of cranking out reviews this weekend but between the week long radio station fundraising efforts and a diminished coffee intake all I can muster is a few random bits of info I have stumbled across over the past week. I promise that with a new week upon us and a large cup o' joe in the AM tomorrow, it will be business as usual here at TFM headquarters.

* Hear new songs from Christopher Paul Richards of Q and Not U's new band Ris Paul Ric. "PURPLE BLAZE" is out now Academy Fight Song and his tour to support this record is happening NOW.

* News from Pancake Mountain
"Halloween+Baltimore+Rufus+Juliette Lewis=Kooky. We thought she was gonna do the PM theme song but she gave us this little ditty instead. "

* From Bjork's site:
On November 21st, the label Rephlex is releasing an EP featuring the 'Shooting Stars & Asteroids' remix of 'Who Is It' (catalogue number CAT 174 EP). This song is the first version from 2001 - back when it was known as "Embrace Fortress" - with music by Bogdan Raczyinski. You can listen to it here.

* I love my state. Court rules fighting is 'integral part' of hockey

* What is the best band most likey to steal Q and Not U's fan club up to?
From November 9 to 15 NYC's Rahim will be in Baltimore recording with J. Robbins. The full length record wil be released on Frenchkiss in 2006.

* Any of you Hydra Head Records fans know their website isn't the easiest place to browse for information about their releases no less upcoming releases. I had to make a call to the owners do get the scoop on the Jesu domestic vinyl release. (Jesu will be in my top 10 of 2005) You heard it here first: the lp is a double picture disc with die cut jacket and should be ready for sale by sometime in December. There will only be 1000 available and I can pretty much promise you they will sell out in a matter of a day or two. Jesu fans and HH lp collectors should start checking the HH web store starting December 1st.

* Electric President is a new band to Morr Records with a S/T record due out in early 2006. You can check out a song on the Morr site or browse the artist site which also contains side project info, art, writings, and more from Ben Cooper, Alex Kane, and friends. For once Jacksonville Florida churns out something that doesn't sound like a pop punk band or a tribute to Leatherface. Electric President home record lo-fi acoustic electronic pop with soft boy vocals and fit into the Morr roster as if they were the label's long lost children.

* From

Saturday, 05 November 2005
"We are sad to report tragedy has struck DMBQ. According to Todd P "DMBQ’s van rolled from I-95 in Delaware en route from Baltimore to Brooklyn on Friday afternoon. All members of the band have been hospitalized, as well as Michelle Cable from Panache Magazine and booking, who has been managing their tour. Mana "China" Nishiura did not survive the accident. China was DMBQ's drummer, as well as a former drummer in Shonen Knife. China will be missed.Michelle Cable is conscious following surgery for a head injury. Shinji Masuko is still in the hospital but is expected to be released soon. Toru Matsui and Ryuichi Watanabe have been released from the hospital." "

* Fourtet interview / plays live on NPR. Listen here.