Thursday, November 17, 2005

Information Leafblower : Top 40 bands in America 2005

I was lucky enough to be included in this fun reindeer game along with :

THE PANEL(in no particular order):Gorilla Vs. Bear, Largehearted Boy, Music for Robots, 5500, My Old Kentucky Blog, Catbirdseat, Central Village, Bradley's Almanac, Chromewaves, Dceiver, Byron Crawford, Catherine's Pita, Jason and Rajeev from One Louder, Brooklyn Vegan, Soviet Panda, Melody Nelson, Seeking Irony, Coolfer and myself. ( Myself = Information Leafblower)

To see the complete list of the bands who "won" and how the vote worked, check out Information Leafblower.

To put it out on the table scroll down to check out the top 10 bands I voted for with a few bonus notes but to further explain my list. I only found out after I turned in my 2 cents that the concept should reflect " 10 bands FROM AMERICA that rocked your world in the calendar year of 2005, ranked 1-10, with 1 being the highest. This is not a longevity contest rewarding a band for having a great career. It's more immediate. In fact, it's entirely plausible that the bands you nominate for this list might not even be mentioned next year (or ever again)."

Oh well.

I went for a list of mostly bands I don't LOVE but seem to have a high impact on 2005. (Coolfer I blame you for this game of telephone...ha!) My personal top 10 bands of the year will be posted at a later Jan. 1, 2006. Obviously a ton of other bands fit this bill but these are folks that came to mind first.


Wait, America has important music right now? I thought all the good 2005 stuff was imported from Canada, England, and Norway.

And for my next joke...

I consider this to be a list of top ten American 2005 artists that have left a serious imprint on the music making and music loving community; be it pissing in the genuine talent pool (but the music buying public loves them) or honest to God DNA specimens for all that is genius.

In no particular order.

1) Sunno)))
Amplified subsonic vacuuming tones have not only sprouted forth into the realm of popularity thanks to this band but Sunno))) has redefined black and blue and doom all over. Metal isn't just for metal heads anymore, it can even earn a top chart position at Other Music.

2) akron/family
How one band can sound like every possible genre and pull it off gracefully is a beautiful illusion I pray will never be revealed to their audience. The Akron/Family are the Baryshnikov of sonic folk and they don't have the creepy crazy hippy hobo vibe that a certain label mate of theirs owns. A band to watch for 2006.

3) Xiu Xiu
Do you remember those anatomically correct clear plastic models from the 70's that were of the human body that offered an intimate look at our inner workings? Xui Xui captures the invisible human essence of grief in an uncensored form and allows us to listen to it from every possible angle. They are Antony and the Johnsons minus the Carnegie Hall, Lou Reed, and the Mercury Prize.

4) Will Oldham
Bob Dylan doesn't curdle my cream but I still know a legend when I hear one. Pick one or all of the five or however many incarnations Mr. Oldham's music goes by and I will show you an American folk infused classic. There are a lot of new beards in town but few can match his brand of apocalyptic beauty.

5) Silver Jews
Personally I would take Calvin Johnson's outsider music and poetry over David Berman's any day but I don't like classics like Keroac's On The Road or Burrough's Naked Lunch that much either. Without any hesitation I am certain Tanglewood Numbers will be counted among the highbrow music journalists yearend favorites.

6) Death Cab For Cutie
Nice guy better than average smart indietronica has never sounded so safe and inoffensive. In turn this makes Death Cab perfect for the brooding masses to gobble up and worship. Alterna-rockers and evening teen dramas could be admiring waaay worse so DCFC have my blessing.

7) Animal Collective
Not only is Feels one of my favorite records of 2005 but also I predict if AC remains on this path to blissful trimmed down epic pow-wows they could be the biggest commercial crossover success story since Modest Mouse.

8) Some Girls
Fist Krishna killed hardcore then eyeliner. Some Girls incinerate any preconceived notion of what crushing art-core should or could be. Prepare to be assaulted by something not just violent but virulent no less by dudes who are smarter than you. I am most scared to see what hideous second-rate knock-offs this band will spawn in 2006 and beyond.

9) Mars Volta
I have to pay tribute to a band that will undoubtedly and equally top the best and the worst of 2005 lists across the world... besides their music gives something for Pitchfork to teethe on for a day or two and blogs to comment upon for months later. Cave In has been officially out prog-ed.

10) Deerhoof
What did the hipster coffee shop, bar, eatery, venue, dorm room, car and etcetera stereo play before Deerhoof came along? Sonic Youth? This band can be heard everywhere and I think their vocalist Satomi may also be organizing whales to take over the world in 2006 with her ultra sonic squeaks.