Sunday, June 26, 2005

Va / Army of Me Remixes & Covers / Rating 3.8

It should be further explained that all profits from this "20 track charity record...a tedious exercise in song destruction" will be donated to Unicef emergency work with children.

A quote from Bjork on the inside of the cd cover tray says "here are mixes that through creative force of nature unpredictably started flooding my website. I then redirected this positive wave to children who had suffered when a destructive force of nature unpredictably flooded their way."

Perhaps knowing the above information will help make "the majority of this mostly middling, sometimes excruciating collection" a little more meaningful to those of you with a soul and who are not in the privileged position to be given this music for free as a promotional tool for the charity at hand, not just the artists included.

Its irresponsible to attack a record and not even mention the charity it was specifically organized for. Way to go Ryan Dombal. Idiot.

Bjork fans should check this link out:
Dancer in the Dark fans rejoice; Bjork who swore she would never act again will be back on the big screen. Matthew Barney has created a new film called Drawing Restraint 9 featuring a soundtrack composed by Bjork. She and Barney also star in the film making this their first collaborative effort ever. Besides a fantastic overview of this 2+ hour film and the details of the soundtrack, audio sneak peeks are available and totally worth checking out. ( Wait until you hear the Will Oldham collaboration!!!)

The movie premiers in Japan on July 1st and I think the cd soundtrack is slated for the end of July.